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Yitzhak D Stern Scholarship

About Yitzhak D Stern

Yitzhak D. Stern is a successful entrepreneur with multiple startups successfully launched to date.  Through the years, he has guided and funded countless young entrepreneurs, many who today run large and thriving enterprises. 

Mr. Stern is extremely connected to his routes – his family, both near and extended.  This devotion extends to employees, peers and clients.  Those who watch Yitzhak see a man who works with transparency and integrity, with a serious focus on helping those around him.

Since childhood, Mr. Stern has been interested in numbers. Upon graduation from college, he entered the financial markets with great enthusiasm, and found success trading forex and equities.  Ultimately, he found the desire to build companies,  shifted the trajectory of his career into the entrepreneurial realm, and found his niche in funding startups and small company owners.

Through the years, Yitzhak has developed numerous funding solutions that have helped hundreds of young entrepreneurs achieve their goals.   To this day, he believes entrepreneurs  constantly require new solutions to that navigate modern-day challenges, and that continuous  solution building is vital to continued growth and success.

Furthermore, he sees the value of university studies.  So as is his way, Yitzhak does all he can to give back.  This is evident in his many Philanthropic efforts.  For instance, the Yitzhak D Stern Grant offers annual awards to students that help ease tuition burdens, helping students pursue their educational goals with reduced financial constraints.

Yitzhak is a loving husband and father, enjoys writing on topics such as innovation, technology,  and entrepreneurship, is an avid follower and fan of all NY sports teams, and active participant in Charitable causes and fundraising.


Scholarship Details

Learn more about our scholarship and application process!

Scholarship Background

Yitzhak D Stern has recently established the $1000 “Yitzhak D Stern Scholarship” which will help lower one students tuition expense.  Students from around the United States attending accredited Colleges and Universities are invited to apply.   The student who best answers the question “What has been the most difficult moment of your life, and what steps did you take to move on?” in a 700-800 word essay format will be declared the winner.



Application Deadline: April 15th, 2023

Announcement Date: May 1st, 2023

Award Presentation: May 10th, 2023

Winners name shall be proudly published on our website!



College and university students in any field of study are welcome to apply. Applicants must be currently enrolled in an accredited college or university.


Essay Topic

The essay must answer this question:  “What has been the most difficult moment of your life, and what steps did you take to move on?”


Reward Amount

$1,000 to one winner each year.


Application Process

To apply, students must submit a 700-word essay along with their full name, the college or university they are attending, email address and a phone number where they can be reached.

Terms of Engagement:

  • Student award winner will be notified by email.
  • Student award will be deposited into students financial aid account.
  • Student award winner will have their name listed on this website.



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