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Yitzhak D Stern – Key Tools to Make a Marriage Work


Even though there is no failsafe strategy for keeping a marriage stress-free, there are ways to make it work. After the honeymoon phase of a new relationship has passed, it’s only natural for the two people involved to realize that they’ll need to change their routines to continue living together happily and healthily.

Yitzhak D Stern’s Take on Marriage

It doesn’t matter how well you think you know your partner; there will always be things that cause tension between you. This has nothing to do with how long a relationship lasts and everything to do with the unique qualities and attachment styles of the people involved.

Maintaining a healthy marriage is possible, just as it is possible to maintain a healthy body through diet and exercise. Your marriage can be saved thanks to the tools Yitzhak D Stern has provided you with:

Learn to Curb Conflict

Disputes are a normal part of any close relationship, whether platonic or romantic. At some point, however, the intensity will break, making it emotionally and potentially physically harmful to those involved.

When there’s a problem in a relationship, the first thing to do is figure out what’s causing it and start having honest conversations about it. Yitzhak D Stern has said there is a wealth of information on the internet about methods for resolving conflicts. By working together, you and your partner can significantly improve your emotional stability.

Have Humility

Relationships have a way of highlighting our shortcomings more than anything else. The cornerstones of a happy marriage are:

  • The partners’ mutual recognition of their fallibility.
  • The inevitable occurrence of mistakes.
  • The necessity of forgiveness.

When one partner acts superior to the other, it can lead to resentment and a stalemate.

Don’t Keep a Record

Keeping score in a relationship is pointless because it’s not a game. It’s not healthy to condition helping your partner on receiving help from them. Similarly, retaliating in a fight with your partner because they retaliated against you does nothing but drive a wedge between you.

Relationships in which one partner constantly keeps score rarely last and amount to much. So, be considerate of your partner’s space, and if they’ve wronged you in any way, try talking about it instead of getting into an argument. Forgiving is usually the best option, though it isn’t always possible.

Communication is Key

One of the keys to a happy marriage is learning how to communicate and listen to one another. A partner should never be assumed to know your thoughts and feelings. Be open and honest with your partner about what’s going on in your life, and learn to recognize when it’s time to listen. Yitzhak D Stern says understanding your partner’s perspective and needs may take time and effort to master. Some options are books, seminars, and online courses for couples looking to strengthen their relationship. These methods can teach partners new ways to talk to one another.

Yitzhak D Stern’s Final Thoughts

Weddings are something some people fantasize about from a young age, but marriage is something that people tend to dream about much less frequently. Marriage is not always easy, and it is not for the weak of the heart.

Marriage is rarely a bed of roses, whether you’re engaged, newlywed, or celebrating your 50th anniversary. Therefore, if you want to create a rich and fulfilling married life, these suggestions by Yitzhak D Stern may be helpful.